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Negative search results are believed to be something that a lot of companies want to avoid. After all, you spend tons of cash to market your company. However, as long because the searcher’s and negative search results, your advertising performance could also be greatly reduced and really troublesome. After all, a nasty print may take 10+ good prints to be completely cleaned.

For example, the searcher hits “Zachary Forrest Solomon” in Google.

I would like to ask, would you consider this Doctor? Of course No.

Google ’s focus is on finding answers for visitors, finding information, and finding what they want to see. This explains, why news is always flooded with negative reports, and it’s the same for Google. Every day, Google also observes what content is most attractive, what titles are most attractive, what are the most searchable results, and what are the highest clickthrough rates. (CTR is one of the factors that improve rankings) (CTR is one of the factors that improve rankings)

Which of the above 4 search results would you look at first?

Under normal circumstances, we must go to the 1st link first. This is human nature. In order to protect ourselves, 90% will make this choice. Google will also pay attention to the search results that are most clicked. Negative results, this search result ranking will also rise, becoming a positive loop, often making the negative news first.

It ’s not that Google does n’t supervise the content at all. some of the content is still handled by Google.

White hat method to remove search results

First of all, Google made it clear that because they do not have the resources to analyze who is right and who is wrong, they do not actively investigate or change search results because of someone ’s opinion. Therefore, Google will not change search results unless there are special circumstances.

Here are some of the conditions or situations Google will consider removing search results-

  1. Government-issued identification numbers, such as social security numbers
  2. Bank account number
  3. credit card number
  4. Signature picture
  5. User’s birthday
  6. User’s address
  7. phone number

And the above is the situation that Google will consider. I think very little can be done. On closer inspection, basically any negative business-related search results will not be considered.

In the most correct way, you must first contact the webmaster of the negative page (the example above is the auction site) and remove the content from the original page.

You can first personally email the webmaster and ask if you’ll remove this page. Often, things are that the webmaster of the negative side doesn’t respond, and a few companies will send a lawyer letter to those sites to request removal. this method must be handled with care, a touch carelessness will become a PR disaster. Why? Contact me Imagine if these webmasters use ﹕ xxx company to use the money to bully small website owners by law and put them on Facebook or discussion forums. What consequences will you encounter?

SEO is to push the web site to the forefront of search results, there’s a pushup, and theoretically, there should be a push-down. The SEO industry calls these methods Negative SEO. The operation method of Negative SEO is straightforward to know, that is, it violates Google ’s high-quality website code, makes Google feel that the location is foul, then punishes it, pushing the location ranking down or maybe removing it from search results.
SEO companies often use Negative SEO in conjunction with authentic SEO website optimization to unravel problems for patrons. On the one hand, they are doing Negative SEO operations on negative websites, and on the opposite hand, use SEO to push positive or related friendly websites.

Practical Negative SEO practices include

Spammy Backlink- one of the foremost commonly used methods is to line up an unreasonable number of backlinks on your website. the amount can attend millions. Just attend Fiverr and you’ll see tons of sellers who only charge you 5 dollars. This attack. Email Attack- This method is to send you tens of thousands of emails containing links to your website to unknown users, making Google feel that you simply are spam different people, then punish your website. Copy content -This is additionally a standard method, mainly by copying your website content and pasting it in several places or using software to constantly generate web 2.0 sites that are precisely the same as your website content, making search engines feel that your website has Spam people’s intentions.

Remove search results suggestion

Don’t be too anxious when negative search results appear, especially if the negative search results come from a news site. repeatedly, the links to news websites are time-bound. When the news comes out because most news websites have better weight. Google will temporarily place this news during a higher position. but many are going to be within the 3- Disappeared within 4 weeks. By the time you propose to approach an SEO company, the events within the negative news are best done. Assuming your company is during a legal case, and you expect more reports, it’s recommended to attend until this matter is totally completed because the new news or information will push the old information together.

In addition to negative news, it is more common that the company has created a new website, but the old website information is still included in Google. In this case, to remove search results, you must be sure that the page or website has been completely removed, and then call Google Update.

How to remove the entire page from Google search results?

  • On the Webmaster Tools home page, click the site you want to view.
  • In the menu on the left side of the dashboard, click Google Index.
  • Click Remove URL.
  • Click New removal request.
  • Enter the URL of the page you want to remove from the search results (not the URL of a Google search result or cached page) and click Continue. How to nd the right URL. The URL is case sensitive; use exactly the same characters and capitalization as the site ’s URL content.
  • Click Yes, remove this page.
  • Click Submit Request.

Google also does not allow content to be distributed entirely. If the content is suspected of violating the service content of relevant laws, you can appeal to Google. If successful, the search results will be removed.

Here is a list of situations you can appeal to Google, but they are not guaranteed to succeed ﹕

  • I want to report malware, phishing, or other similar issues.
  • The webmaster has deleted a piece of content that I think is problematic, but it still appears in the search results
  • I found suspicious sites
  • One or more pages of my site have been removed due to a legal complaint, and I want to restore them.
  • remove personal information from Google search results.
  • I have a question about the Knowledge Graph or Knowledge Panel
  • I have a question about Google My Business (reviews, Q & A, and listings).
  • other legal questions

we implemented the removal process in accordance with a valid copyright notice under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. About one month later, the content was successfully removed, but when the searcher made a search The following prompt appears at the bottom of the search results.

Remove Google search results time- In your own experience, the total working time depends on the strength of the links to be removed or pushed down and the number of searchers.

  • News site ﹕ 60 – 90 days
  • Discussion board: about 30 – 50 days
  • General blog or blog: about 30 – 40 days

How to choose a reputation Repair company?

It started to rise a few years ago, and today it is on a large scale. The strategy adopted by most companies is to generate a lot of positive information in order to overcome negative results.

Like many companies, some ORM firms will do anything for you to hire them. Some ORM firms might guarantee that they can fix your search results with 100% success. Some might even offer quick fixes. You should think twice if ever you run into an ORM company Look for a company that gives realistic goals. Before contacting any ORM company, you should have a clear and specific goal. It’ll be easier to filter out companies if you already know what you really need. Look at the services ORM firms have to offer and check if they can deliver the services you need.

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