Negative reviews from competitors: how to remove them?

Negative review

How to understand that Negative reviews are fake?

There are several ways to calculate the author of fakes. They are based on customer motivation. When a real customer writes a review, he seeks to solve the problem, even if he is not aware of it. The author of the fake wants to do the most damage to the company’s reputation.

The author writes one review on different portals. This attribute is 99% likely to mark the troll. Usually, dissatisfied customers write on sites where their opinions will be seen by the company and other users. Otherwise, sabotage is obtained.

The author does not reply to messages. If the client wants to resolve the issue, he will answer clarifying questions of the company. The troll does not make sense to do this. Most likely, he will abandon the account after the first message.

Suspicious review content. True reviews convey the real customer experience, so most often they contain the following information:
1. Description of the problem or damage
2. product description
3. conflict description
4. Indication of dates or dates of contacts with the brand.
5. Negative feedback from competitors is devoid of this and comes down to a loud statement like “scammers,” “deceivers,” etc.

You can calculate the troll in the following ways.

One-time account- One review has been written from the user’s account, most of the data is not filled out or they are inserted for proforma. Evidence of fakeness will come in handy later when it comes time to delete unwanted information. Who writes bad reviews: calculate the troll The problem is that almost all fakes are written either anonymously or under the guise of a fake personality. Do not worry about this. People who write something on the Internet in 85% of cases leave traces.

By nickname & Content– If the user left a record under a nickname, then it is likely that this nickname is used on other sites. Check the name in Google by driving the nickname in quotation marks. It happens that on other sites the troll left more data: city, email, or something else. According to the text of the review. It is better to immediately find all the same reviews that the author left. To do this, copy the text of the post and check it through Google. In the latter case, it is better to split the text into parts, otherwise, the search engine will refuse to work correctly. By profile picture. Image searches in Google will help to find the user.

Competitors write Negative reviews, what to do?

  1. Report abuse The method works with civilized resources: Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and others. Their rules explicitly state: reviews should be unique and should not be written in order to obtain benefits or to tarnish the brand’s reputation. The administration of such portals is interested in the purity of opinions, and therefore more often meets the users. It is enough to provide evidence of the truth. Each portal has its own peculiarities, so we recommend that you study our materials about the features of removing negative feedback from competitors on each of them.
  2. Report domain owner. Suitable for portals with “dead” moderation. On such sites, user activity is maintained, but there are not enough people who would deal with problems. Therefore, the administration is inundated with requests for the processing of which they simply do not have time. Before writing a letter, it is better to try to contact the administration in informal ways. Also, ask the author of the negative for more information. Most likely, he will not answer, but in your hands, there will be excess evidence of the truth.
  3. Gather evidence of fakeness. The silence of the author, a one-time account, and copying text to many sites – all this indicates the mercenary intentions of the negative.
  4. Try to figure out the author. A digital footprint can lead directly to the competitor.
  5. Provide evidence of administration. Removing negative reviews from competitors is best done through the portal’s leadership. If the administration is silent, you can write to the domain owner.

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