Political reputation management: Eliminate Threats On Your Political Reputation!

Political reputation management

Political Reputation Management: Today, when people want to learn about you, they google you. What are voters seeing when they search for you online? Is it good, bad, or just random information? No matter what it is, you can take control of those results and minimize or even eliminate negative Content. At Removal Media, we remove Negative content completely so it doesn’t appear anywhere on websites or search engine results.
Right now there are probably a few things you would not want a voter to see about you. There might some negative news articles, blog posts, or comments about you that are less than flattering.

What is political reputation management?

Before the internet came into existence, political mudslinging was done through print media and visual media after they have corroborative and substantiate evidence to support it. But today anyone with an internet connection can destroy the political image of a candidate or a party with just a few clicks. So monitoring and controlling what is being said and seen about the political party or the candidate has become an essential part of any political campaign.

Negative comments and blogs can appear at any moment. Therefore, real-time monitoring of your political image online is extremely important. As an experienced team, we know which online channels could be the most threatening and use technology to handle these challenges.

This is how it is done:

  • Suppression strategy: It is used where the bad results shown in the SERPs are pushed down, and the excellent content is moved up and promoted by Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Removal of pages: Sometimes web pages can be removed if they contain harmful material by using the violation of terms to the client’s advantage
  • Monitoring: The political consultancy team does this by controlling the mentions of the client online, and changing them before they turn into a problem
  • Content writing: This can be used in the favor or against a specific party as News and blogs can be posted by anybody about anyone. this can be used as an advantage over the competitor.
  • Pushdown Campaign: Pushdown Campaign is a special type of Negative link suppression. There is a Negative link, and it contains Link you don’t want to show, to help protect your business reputation. Negative link addresses in the suppression list will not be accidentally imported into your keyword-based search results.
  • Content Removal: We help you clean up permanently your online reputation and remove, all types of negative Google search results including, bad press, articles, blogs, reviews, court, police and arrest records, mugshots, court filings, court decisions, bankruptcy records, images, videos and more!

Why a politician’s character is more important than their capability, according to a reputation expert

Unlike other public figures, politicians got to portray a comparatively spotless and authoritative image. Politicians are public representatives that impose the Can’t-Go-Wrong obligation on them. Thus, association with a scam or negative event could turn fatal within one or two of days. Noticing the sensitive nature of reputation in politics, RemovalMedia started offering professional political reputation management services.

We are one of the leading companies helping politicians learn more about their opponents through our specialized strategies and proactive approach. We make sure that they will be the first to know about negative content against them in the web world. We use state of the art monitoring tools and software to track what people are saying about the politician in forums and social media platforms. We use these tools to counter and protect the image and reputation of the politician by eliminating threats and project positive content.

We have solved extremely challenging political reputation projects in the last few years, and are confident enough to offer a guarantee of good results. Whenever your political reputation problem is new or old, we can make it disappear like it never existed.

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