How can I remove a false ripoff report from Google?

Remove Ripoff Report

Ripoff Report is a privately owned and operated for-profit website that lets anyone publish their opinions or complaints about people or businesses. the site encourages and even requires authors to only file truthful reports, but they do not guarantee that each one reports are authentic or accurate.

Ripoff Report is a website where any user can leave an anonymous report about a company or an individual. Moderators don’t check the information for accuracy. Since 1998, when the site was launched, Google’s search results are flooded with unverified information which will be slanderous and harmful for one’s reputation. many people don’t skill to get rid of Ripoff Reports from Google search results.

There are two ways to go about this as Google won’t remove defamatory web pages from its search index without a court. the primary option is to get a court order and file a takedown with google If you’ll prove in court that your Ripoff Report is defamatory and untrue in nature, then Google typically will comply and delist the complaint from its search index. To my knowledge, the search giant doesn’t charge for this, but you’ll end up eating the costs of litigating the entire case.

Here are a few things you can do:

  1. buy the domain of your name OR something very close to it.
  2. Create a website and a blog under that domain
  3. Create a Twitter account, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc. accounts under your name
  4. Start posting content under your blog and also on social channels
  5. Slowly but surely the rip-off report will be buried in the search results.

The ideal way of getting rid of a report is Ripoff Report is to get a court order and get google to take your name/report off the site. It is quite the ideal way of doing it, however, the drawback is it is indeed a very lengthy process and pretty expensive too, generally in the scenario of ripoff reports the chances of success are 10% only. Hence the digital marketing industry professionals suggest Online Reputation Management which is a perfect solution to get rid of not just ripoff reports but any almost kind of negative content on the internet. ORM helps you bury the negative information from Google/Bing Search results and bring positive information about you.

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