How does Google determine Your Online Reputation?

Online Reputation

How your reputation appears online with google search results?

The way Google returns results of websites related to your name or your company’s brand directly influences your ability to succeed online. There are many factors that determine how your reputation appears online with google search results. When you make a blog and mention your name or have your name listed on your company website, it is likely to appear on the first page of google results for your name. However, when someone posts a negative review or comment about you or your company on
a site like a ripoff report, yelp, or Google, no matter how short, it is also likely to appear on the first page of results for searches under your name.

The reasons for this, no matter how unfair it appears, are simple: google ranks these review sites very high, regardless of how small the content related to your name is overall. These sites are very hard to remove from google results because of how google’s algorithms work. It takes a professional online reputation management company like RemovalMedia to remove these negative results.

How do google’s algorithms work?

Google determines your online reputation in complex ways that require complex responses including custom writing, the creation of alternative content, and intimate knowledge of the ways the search engine manipulates results with its algorithms. Other types of factors that affect how you are perceived online include social media content on sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as the age of your own company’s site.

The Solution of negative Online Reputation.

The RemovalMedia team includes programmers and writers who utilize a number of optimization techniques that can manipulate not only results but suggested keyword search terms in the google drop-down menu. When a drop-down suggested search related to your company or name ends in the term « scam » your reputation is compromised. Our team works to holistically ensure that all variables like search results, search content, and search keywords are optimized to present our clients’ identities in the best possible light.

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