The Impact of Negative Reviews!

The Impact of Negative Reviews!

The Truth About Negative Content: Ulterior Motives

Your online reputation is priceless. One bad review, no matter how false, can devastate your reputation and cost companies and individuals hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. RemovalMedia has represented many clients, both individual professionals and major corporations, that have been attacked online by former employees, competitors, and members of a client’s personal life (such as former spouses or lovers). In our experience, more than 78% of negative reviews online are generated maliciously by those who have an ulterior motive.

Emotional and Psychological Toll

The emotional and psychological impact of slander and negative reviews is powerful and can make people feel frustrated and desperate. The truth is that Online Reputation Manager can help restore your good name with our team of content professionals. Sites like Yelp, Google, and other sites rank very highly on search engines. This means that when your company’s name or your name appears in a negative post on these sites it is likely to appear on the first page of search results for keywords associated with your name. This is an unfair reality of life on the Web and an Online Reputation Repair expert specializes in removing damaging results from search engine rankings.

Removing the Negative content, Enhancing Your Brand

Our team works with engineers and writers to enhance your reputation and brand recognition through a series of new websites, social media accounts, blogs, press releases, and videos. Our multimedia approach to marketing affords fast results that eliminate negative reviews and replace them with enhanced marketing content for your company. Because we never out-source, unlike most companies, we maintain an exceptional standard of quality because we understand the importance of
your good name.

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