7 White-Hat SEO Reputation Management Tips!


White-Hat SEO Reputation Management practitioners view search engines as allies and look to add enormous value to search results. When applied to reputation management campaigns that involve suppressing harmful online listings, White-Hatters aim to create content that is “more compelling” than negative content.  When successful, the search engines rank this content as more valuable than the negative content and subsequently rank it higher in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

The following 7 White-Hat SEO Reputation Management Tips Are Proven To Work Exceptionally Well:

1.  Original, Highly Compelling Content

Content is the single most important tool in reputation management. Original content that is HIGHLY COMPELLING plays a huge role in ranking for keywords.

DO NOT spin content.  Content spinning is the process of taking 1 original article, placing it in a software program, and then spinning out un-original articles that “trick”  search engines into believing the content is original.  When – NOT IF – the search engines discover this, the content is penalized and loses rank.

Fresh, original content adds real value to search engines.  So long as the content is of quality and provides users with MORE value than the negative content, you’re headed in the right direction!!

2.  Engaging Design

Which site is better designed, easier to read, and more authentic “feeling”:  The quality design creates a higher user engagement.  The higher the user engagement = gained authority in the SERPs.

3.  Press Releases From A Variety Of Outlets

Don’t just release media from 1 outlet.  Release it through multiple outlets.

Removal Media works with over a dozen news wire outlets.  Search Engines view releases via multiple sources as “different” thus rank the listings in accordance.

4.  Guest Posts With 1 Way Backlinks

Create guest posts on sites that are relevant to the vertical that you’re in.  i.e.  If you’re a doctor, find bloggers in your vertical and create guest posts.  Then in your signature create a link back to one of your websites – gaining real link juice!

Make sure the blogger has a High Authority.

5.  Bookmarking

After you create content make sure you bookmark it on sites like Digg and Reddit!  This creates free backlinks to your articles that create juice in search engines!

6.  Use Exact Match Domain Names

Buy up all of the exact match domain names for the keywords that you’re looking to control.  Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank exact match domain names as extremely authoritative in the search engines.

Make sure you only purchase .com, .net, and .org domain names.  These suffixes rank highest!

7.   Server Infrastructure

Place each site, blog, social media profile, etc. on different servers.  That way the search engines will view each source as “100% authentic.”

A common error in reputation management is to place more than 1 asset on a server.  Search engines have the ability to read the IP addresses & geographic location of your servers – hence utilizing multiple IPs within 1 server farm will not suffice :)

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