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Removal Media is unique in their Fake Reviews Services in Canada. If you have been a victim of fake negative reviews, negative content, negative search results, online defamation, false business reviews or anything published online in Canada, that is causing you damage, speak to the Removal Media team about a tried and tested content removal solution. 

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Removing negative reviews or web pages from Google’s results can be a challenge, but when you’re faced with numerous negative search results, it’s time to turn to Removal Media. For over a decade, we’ve helped individuals and companies to clean up their search engine results page (SERP) and present a better reputation to those searching their name. It’s not cheap, but it is effective. Our reputation experts analyze each individual web page, identify strengths and weaknesses, and then get to work refining your search engine profile so that your Google reputation is squeaky clean. No black-hat techniques, no empty promises, and no long-term contracts. We’ll earn your business from day one and then keep working until you’re satisfied with your Google makeover. If you’d like a free consultation about how we can assist you, please fill out the form on the right

Our team assists in removing the content permanently from the host platform it is located on. However, in some circumstances, we are unable to remove it due to the contents of the review. If we are unable to remove the content, we will not charge you, and as we do not charge you before removal, is completely risk-free. Our priority is to remove the content that you request. If you have negative content that you would like hidden contact us now for a free quote!

Your information will be completely confidential, we can supply you with a Non-disclosure agreement if required.

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    Removal Process includes de-indexing(de-listing)of negative Google search results including the removal of bad press and blogs, the takedown of embarrassing videos and pictures, mugshots, fake google reviews, defamation articles, fake news and fake negative reviews.

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    Tell us what happened and we will Email you

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