Internet Defamation Removal for Individuals

Over half of the world’s population has some level of access to the internet today. While this is positive in some instances, the internet also has a dark side. Take a case where the false, malicious content is published about yourself. This can go viral in a matter of minutes, spreading like wildfire, regardless of whether or not what is being said is accurate. When this happens, you are likely to feel like your privacy has been invaded or you are personally attacked. And at times, it is indeed the case.

Aside from the impact, such information might have on an individual, it also affects their business, family, careers, friends, and associates. It’s hardly ever an easy thing to get through.

What Do I Do When This Happens?

While you might initially go numb from the shock of what has just happened to you, you need to take some control over the matter urgently. The longer you take to do this, the further the information spreads, and the more your reputation suffers. What’s more, because the internet is free for all, it’s not always possible to identify who is behind the attack on your reputation. As you attempt to figure this out, your best bet becomes removing the information from the online space to protect yourself.

That is where RemovalMedia steps in. Our sole job is to remove harmful information regarding yourself online. 

What Is Harmful Content?

Harmful content can take different forms.  Often, harmful content is any harmful, false, embarrassing, unfair, or defamatory content that is made accessible online. Usually, this is done for malicious reasons. This content can be written text, video, audio, or even photos.

Who Does RemovalMedia Work With?

Because anyone can fall target to defamatory content online, our clientele is vast. We work for both regular people and high profile, well-known individuals. 

Our clients include:

  • Lawyers and Doctors
  • Businessmen
  • Celebrities
  • sports personalities
  • politicians
  • High flying executives 

If your reputation is on the line, finding the right person to help you restore your good name is crucial. Here are four reasons why RemovalMedia should be top on your list.


The last thing you want while in an online crisis is to engage a firm that will allow what is going on to leak to the public. 

Instead, you want the matter handled quickly and quietly so you can go back to your everyday life. That’s precisely what we promise our clients!

Tailored solutions

Because of the variables involved, rarely are two online defamation cases ever the same. 

This means customizing services to the needs of each case. The number of personnel and resources employed in your case will reflect the specific requirements of the case.

Online reputation repair

Due to the damage online defamation might cause, some clients need more than just damage control and content deletion. For some, it is necessary to rebuild its reputation. As such, we go a step further in advising and help our clients do just that. Our end goal with any client is to fix the problem and make them whole again.

Need Help for Internet Defamation Removal?

If you or a loved one has recently suffered a personal online attack, do not sit back and do nothing. Contact us at RemovalMedia today, and let us do what we do best. 

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