About Us

Removal Media is an online reputation management company, serving individuals and businesses from all around the globe to maintain and restore their online impression and reputation. 

We help you clean up permanently your online reputation and remove, all types of negative Google search results including, bad press, articles, blogs, reviews, court, police and arrest records, mugshots, court filings, court decisions, bankruptcy records, images, videos and more!

We Get Results! 8+ Years Experience. Legal Methods and Guaranteed Results or We’ll work for free.

how we do it

All removals are done in a completely legitimate manner, with the content being removed willingly by the publishing website or the host of the content. The full process depends on the nature of the content itself, and where it is posted. There is no “hacking” or other subterfuge involved. We do not “bribe” or offer incentives for the content to be removed. The process of removal differs on a case to case basis and is tailored to the content that is posted. Most cases will involve us creating, submitting, and managing a detailed application for the removal of the offending content by the publishing website. Our cases involve negotiation and disputes that are submitted for consideration. We understand specific platform policies and can, therefore, tailor our submission and process for every case. however, we may use a technic for part of the procedure. Most removals require multiple submissions and ongoing correspondence with the website publisher.


Meet the Team

We believe in providing client satisfaction and professionalism.Talk to one of our ORM specialists today to get personalized advice. Confidential, free, and without obligation.

Sumon (Case Manager)

I’m Sumon, an expert in Content Removal.  I work closely with our clients when establishing goals and objectives for their online activity. I use a wide range of industry-tested tools, resources and techniques for an accurate analysis of your business. At the end of my analysis and audit, I submit a comprehensive report on my findings, which includes clear and informed recommendations about the next steps to take.

Ripon (Business Reputation Advocate)

Ripon​ is an industry spokesperson on all areas of online reputation management. He is responsible for new business development, overseeing all Removal Media client accounts, managing the team, and developing results-driven online reputation management strategies.

Janet (Case Assistant)​

Janet​ is a content strategist and award-winning writer. She creates impact-driven digital content and review strategies, and writes everything from articles, features, blogs and profiles, to scripts, social content and proposals across various sectors.

Mahabub (Digital Strategist)

An experienced digital PR, marketing and social media marketing strategist, Mahabub leads PR strategy and delivery at Removal Media across multiple countries and sectors.

We keep great company

What We Do

We are a specialised online content removal agency working to help individuals and businesses worldwide tackle unwanted online content. We provide businesses of all sizes and individuals from all walks of life the ability to monitor and control their online reputation , remove negative content from the internet

Our Mission

 To protect and defend those who have been negatively impacted online, restore their confidence and online image while maintaining the highest standards of values and ethics. We do so by providing unique, cutting-edge solutions that resolve clients’ online crises as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve as the global leader in online reputation protection by empowering businesses & individuals through knowledge, exceptional service, and customized solutions. We will attain this by continually developing new strategies & technologies that will help us help our clients manage their Online Reputation.

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You don’t pay us anything unless we recover Reputation for you. We handle your Local Business damage for free. Personal service, trust, and humility are our core values. We are here to help you. Schedule a free, no-obligation, Audit sessions today.