Case Study:

Online Reputation Repair for California based physician​

Look our online reputation repair case study for a doctor.


  1. Industry: Medical

  2. Entity: Doctor

  3. Issue: Bad Reviews

  4. Duration: 90 Days+
  5. Technique: Removal & Protection

  6. Target: Build trust and credibility

Every online user visits all third party related websites before visiting a hospital or a doctor based on the review a user will create an opinion on your brand.

The Problem:-​

A physician contacted me to Repair his online reputation. The physician’s clinic has experienced a drop in new patient signup rates. He was got a few false negative reviews. Management has underestimated the importance of online reviews for doctors and therefore didn’t respond to negative online patient reviews and complaints at all. The doctor had so many credentials and years of experience under his belt. The physician was not alerted to the state of his internet reputation because it didn’t occur to him to search his name online. It wasn’t until his reception received a call from a new patient canceling their doctor’s appointment. When the receptionist asked the patient for the reason for the cancellation, the patient mentioned the negative online reviews.

The Solution:-

After a thorough online reputation audit for the physician, I came to the conclusion that the doctor was not as friendly as patients like him to be. Most of the negative online complaints were not about how good of a doctor he was, they were mostly about him not smiling and not being friendly. I devised our online reputation management strategy for the physician to include 2 parts. The rest part was focused on getting the doctor to understand the need for being more compassionate with his patients. then created online content and I have removed six negative violation reviews. The curation of such medical advice started to rank higher for his name, and many satisfied patients shared their positive views of him online. Within weeks, the positive online content was dominating the first and second search results pages for his name, and literally, the clinic’s phones were ringing o the hook. My primary goal is to have content completely deleted, or work to have the content removed from the index of search engines (“de-indexed”) so that it receives no search visibility.

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