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If you have been a victim of Negative Reviews, Negative Content, Negative Search Results, cyberbullying, online abuse, online defamation, false business reviews or anything published online that is causing you damage, speak to  Removal Media team about a tried and tested solution.

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Our team assists in removing the content permanently from the host platform it is located on. However, in some circumstances, we are unable to remove it due to the contents of the review. If we are unable to remove the review, we will not charge you, and as we do not charge you before removal, is completely risk-free. Our priority is to remove the reviews that you request. If you have negative reviews that you would like hidden contact us now for a free quote!

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Content Removal Services

Removal Process includes de-indexing(de-listing)of negative Google search results including the removal of bad press and blogs, the takedown of embarrassing videos and pictures, mugshots, jail records, defamation articles, fake news and fake reviews.